Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fuente / Platter

Les muestro este plato que hice en el taller. Es un plato de torta, o centro de mesa, rústico.
Está hecho en gres, pintado con pigmento de cobre, y en las rajaduras tiene esmalte Duncan negro metalizado y algo de pasta de oro.
This is a platter I did in the workshop. It's rustic a serving platter, or centerpiece. It's stoneware, painted with copper pigment. The cracks are stained with metallic black Duncan enamel and rubbed with some gold paste.


Daniele said...


Andrea said...

Thank you Daniele!Too bad my house is rather small, I don't really have anywhere to put it, hehe.

Alberto said...

Per kuand une site da vent-as?

Andrea said...

Per pront, herr doktor, per prront.

thebeaddreamer said...

It is really beautiful and almost looks like some type of marble or stone. The effect is very nice.

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